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Our Approach

When you think about it, humankind feels like it is on the cusp of a seminal moment. And maybe it's felt this way for millennia but I doubt it. We've been far too fearful of one another and far too preoccupied with the necessities of basic survival to be collectively conscious of anything seminal. Until now.

Humankind no longer faces existential threats beyond those created by humans and maybe asteroids. Humankind is connected like never before and this shared psyche brings with it a potential to completely transform our reality.


Unfortunately, it seems as if these seminal, transformational moments in time have been consistently hijacked by some sort of fatal flaw in our operating system. We recreate our previous hierarchies, beliefs, and behaviors with new technologies and then we call it a revolution. The printing press, the internet, social media.
My hypothesis is that we do not need another revolution. In fact, they are counterproductive. What we need is an evolution and a Darwinian "survival of the fittest". But focused on beliefs, behaviors, and tendencies. A mental, metaphysical and spiritual evolution that will guide us in an era where we are not only capable of destruction on a planetary scale but also of creating artificial intelligence with the potential capacity to overwhelm our race.

Never more have we needed this evolution. If you'd like to join, please contact us. We are looking for writers, philosophists, editors, photographers, poets, artists, musicians and more. We are hoping that you will contribute your own personal reflections and ruminations on your own evolutionary struggle and how we can persist through ours.